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These are Fairtrade producers' presentations and other resources

Tea 2018

  Fairtrade Quiz (pdf)

  Fairtrade Quiz Answers (pdf)

  Fairtrade Products Wordsearch (pdf) 

  Esther (3MB ppt) 

  Kiswahili greeting (<1MB ppt)

  The Tea Production Process (4MB ppt)

  The Tea Story (6MB ppt) 

  Esther's Story (pdf) 

  The Tea Production Process labels  (pdf)

  The Tea Production Process photos (pdf)

  Introduction to Fairtrade (<1MB ppt)

  The Fairtrade Premium (2MB ppt) 

  Tea tasting, tea bread sampling, bookmarks (<1MB ppt) 

  Tea tasting sheet (pdf)

  Tea bread sampling sheet (pdf)

  Bookmark (pdf) 

  Photographs  Number photos 1 to 10 

  Photographs  Numbered photos 11 to 20

  Photographs  Other photos 

  Why buying Fairtrade Tea is important - Victor and Esther explain the impact

Chocolate 2017

   Fairtrade Quiz (pdf) 

   Fairtrade Quiz Answers (pdf)

   Chocolate Wordsearch (pdf)

   Greetings Poem Adrinka (3MB ppt)

   Kuapa Kokoo (8MB ppt)

   Introduction to Fairtrade (ppt) 

   Chocolate and my Sense (pdf) 

   Dark or Milk Chocolate (pdf)

   My Divine Chocolate Poem (pdf) 

   Divine Adinkra Meanings (pdf)

   Bookmarks (pdf)

   Action Plan (pdf)

Spices 2016

    Spices Quiz (pdf)

    Spices Quiz Answers (pdf)

    Spices Wordsearch (pdf) 

    Introduction to Fairtrade (ppt)

    The SOFA Story (3MB ppt)

    Spicey Stories (3.5MB ppt) 

    The Spice Trade (10MB ppt) 

    Spice Discovery Table (pdf) 

    Pictures of spice plants (pdf) 

    Spice Tasting Table (pdf) 

 Tea 2015

    Photos of Paul Tiony 

     Greeting in Kiswahili

     Paul Tiony's Schools Powerpoint

     Paul Tiony's Adults Powerpoint

     Tea Production Process

     Fairtrade Tea Quiz with Answers

     Mathematics Challenge  with Answers

     Fairtrade Word Search

Bananas 2014

      Stephen Best's Schools PowerPoint

      St Lucia - Background information

      Banana Growing in the Caribbean

      Banana Chain Script

      Banana Maths Challenge - Pupils

      Banana Maths Challenge - Teachers

      A selection of photographs of Stephen's visit to Fairtrade towns in Devon

Coffee Peru 2013

Apricots Pakistan 2012

Cotton with associated text Mali 2011

Cocoa Ghana 2010 

Olives Palestine 2009

Tea Uganda 2008

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