Hola Peru Slides 01Hola Peru Slides 05Hola Peru Slides 04Hola Peru Slides 03Hola Peru Slides 02Hola Peru Slides 06See for yourself how Hola Perú looks and feels in the classroom, by downloading our sample activity package here. The file is a .zip package, you will need to download the package to your hard-drive and extract the folder before using it. The file itself is a self-running Powerpoint show; you will not need Powerpoint to run the show, as the package includes a Powerpoint Viewer.

Download Interactive Activity - the zip file is currently unavailable

  • Download Hola_Peru_Sample.zip (60MB) and save it to your hard drive REMIND TO UPLOAD FILE
  • Navigate to the .zip file on your computer, right-click the file and select "Extract All" (or double-click the file and click "Extract All Files" above)
  • In the pop-up box that appears, tick the checkbox "Show extracted files when complete", and click "Extract"
  • In the new folder window that appears, navigate to the "Hola_Peru_Sample" folder
  • Double-click the PPTVIEW icon
  • In the pop-up box that appears, Select "Hola_Peru_Demo" and click "Open"