This directory collates details of food producers which your Glorious Food Group could visit or invite into school. The first section contains details of producers with whom we have been in touch, and who have confirmed they are happy to offer school visits. The second section includes suggestions of further producers who may be able to offer a suitable visit. We have not heard from these producers, so you will need to investigate further yourself.

Please note, these are all suggestions. Feel free to think creatively about your Glorious Food group’s particular interests, and to search for different or additional producers who fit these interests.

You could think about:

Bakers           Bee-keepers        Allotment holders        Café owners

Chefs                   Shop-owners        Farmers                Preservers

Cake-makers           Caterers                Butchers                Sweetmakers

Confirmed visit providers

DDE has been in touch with the following producers. They are all excited about offering a visit and / or workshop for your groups. Please see below for further details, contact details and projected costs.

Key project partners

The Real Food Store 

Profile:          Exeter based local food shop linked with many local suppliers
Address:         11 Paris Street, Exeter, EX1 2JB

Phone:         01392 681234


Contact:         David Mezzetti, Les Bright

What they can offer: An RFS visit would include a tour of the shop and kitchen, and discussion and observation-based learning based around current stock. There would be a particular emphasis on local food production and food chains, fresh produce, the issue of food waste and what the RFS does to minimise this. They can also offer stories about their key local producers and sketch out the differences between their mission and that of bigger supermarkets. There is also an optional introduction to the bakery - but pupils will not be able to go in, as they are busy baking until midday.

Logistics: The RFS can accommodate half a class (approx 15) at a time. Allow 30 – 40 minutes for a visit, and avoid 12pm – 2pm as this is very busy.

There will be someone connected to the business (staff, director or volunteer) to take the group around the shop. Nibbles may be possible through the café.

Cost: Free

Love Local Food

Profile:         Mobile shop and educational workshop provider

Address:         West Town Farm, Ide Exeter, EX2 9TG

Phone:         01392 681234



Contact:        Kevin Cotter


What they can offer: Love Local Food provide educational workshops from their mobile shop. Sessions are generally focused on local and seasonal produce. They could include food-mapping and storytelling, games, or practical recipe-making activities. All sessions can be tailored to each school’s aims and curriculum focus.

Logistics: Sessions can last an afternoon or an entire day. Workshops are timed to conclude at the end of school day. The mobile shop then opens for business in the playground for parents and families.

Costs: Per session approx £50. Full day £100. LLF request that schools encourage families to buy some produce from the shop at the end of the day. As a trained teacher, Kevin can be ‘bought in’ as supply.

St. Sidwell’s Community Centre & Bish Bosh Cookery 

Profile:         Community centre and cookery workshop provider
Address:         Sidwell Street, Exeter, Devon, EX4 6NN

Phone:        01392 666222


Contact:         Alex Hibberd, Dave Wright

What they can offer [Bish Bosh]: Bish Bosh Cookery offer educational and informative cookery workshops, allowing children hands-on experience with food, creating meals and snacks to take home to their families, while learning about local food, food waste, and practical life skills. Contact Alex for further details.

Logistics: Workshops generally last 2 hours, and can be run in-school, at St Sids Café, or at the Mulberry Tree café at Exeter Community Centre (St. David’s Hill, small groups only). There is a capacity for 12 – 16 children at a time. Larger groups can be split.

Cost: Approx £10 per child

What they can offer [St Sid’s]: The Centre can also offer space: a community café and a community vegetable garden in the heart of the city. St Sid’s is happy for schools to visit to do planting and growing activities. There are also many volunteers with relevant experience who may be interested in getting involved with food groups. Contact Dave for further details.

Emma’s Bread


Profile:               Bread maker

Address:        The Real Food Store, 11-13 Paris Street, Exeter EX1 2JB



Phone:            07708 749 610

Contact:              Iona Collins (baker)

Profile: Emma’s Bread is real bread made using traditional methods resulting in a flavour and texture to satisfy the stomach and the soul. Specialities include rye, white and seedy sourdoughs, delicious gingerbread and seasonal fare. Emma’s Bread bake from project partner The Real Food Store’s kitchen.

What they can offer: Real Bread Workshops: Emma's Bread would love to offer the children you work with the chance to get their hands doughy and bake some real bread during Real Break Week (14-22nd May). Iona is happy to answer any questions and to design a session that works for your group, so please get in touch.

When: The most convenient time for the bakers would be at 1:30pm on 17th or 18th May - but if these times don't work for you please get in touch and we can explore other options. Session length can be varied to suit school timetables.

Where: We would like to invite you to Emma's Bread at the Real Food Store, so children have the opportunity to see a bakery. The space can host approximately 8 children and 2 adult helpers per session. Multiple sessions can be offered to enable a full class to have the opportunity to bake. Alternatively sessions with larger groups can be offered at schools, providing there is access to large enough ovens.

What will the session cover? We will explore the basic ingredients of real bread, where they come from and how they grow. We will then mix and shape a couple of different types of bread. This session could be coupled with a tour of theReal Food Store, where children will receive a tailored learning session based around local food.

Facilitators: The session will be led by two professional bakers.

Cost: Free (donations to cover ingredients and electricity gratefully appreciated)

Cookery workshops

Fun Kitchen 

Profile:          Cookery workshop provider

Address:        Quarry Lane, Exeter EX2 5AP

Phone:         0845 5390953



Contact:        Joe Mann

What they can offer: Fun Kitchen provide cookery classes and workshops to enable the learning of new culinary skills and to explore tasting and creating food. Content will reflect the age range and skill level of children.

Logistics: Workshops can be 45 minutes - 2 ½ hours. Offsite or onsite workshops and school food shows offered.

Cost: On application.

Fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices

Shute Fruit

Profile:        Fruit producer
Address:         Shute Farm, Newton Road, Bishopsteignton, TQ14 9PN
Phone:         01626 777570


Contact:        Lori Reich

What they can offer: Jam making sessions in school, using what is grown at the farm. General tasting and/or cooking sessions in school. African cookery sessions, which could incorporate poetry, clothing and a village style eating experience. 

Costs: Schools to cover expenses for food; costs variable depending on size of class. As a guide, jam-making would be less than £10; exotic fruits sessions a little more; African cookery experience would be much more (price on application).

Milltop Orchards

Profile:         Fresh Fruit, Cider and Apple Juice Provider
Address:      Milltop Orchard, Combeinteignhhead, Newton Abbot, TQ12 4QH

Phone:         01626 873030


Contact:         Peter Webb

What they can offer: Milltop Orchard grows apples and pears and some soft fruits. They can host school visits to see the trees and fruit. Peter can speak to the group about the fruit growing process.

Logistics: The best visiting times are April/May to see the blossom or September to see the fruit. Nb. It’s a working orchard with scant toilet facilities!

Costs: Free

Exeter Growers Co-Operative

Profile:          Community shared produce growing site
Address:         Edge of Exeter, near Shillingford


Contact:         David Mezzetti


What they can offer: Exeter Growers Co-operative rents 4 acres of organic land. They promote understanding, enjoyment and sustainable use of the land, especially through food production. Our field is an inspiring place – there’s a young orchard, a Devon hedge, a willow-bed, a polytunnel and plenty of space for growing vegetables. David could host short visits of the sites, and offer discussion around growing vegetables and local food production.

Logistics: Tuesdays only. Contact David to check dates.

Costs: Free

Shillingford Organics

Profile:          Organic vegetable farm, veg box scheme, farm school
Address:         Barton Lane, Shillingford Abbot, Exeter EX2 9QQ

Phone:         01392 832729



Contact:         Martyn Bragg

Shillingford is a large organic farm, growing seasonal, organic vegetables, salad, herbs and fruit. We deliver veg boxes in the Exeter area, and have an online shop. We are currently setting up a farm school.

What they can offer: Shillingford would really like to have school visits! On a Shillingford visit, children could be involved with activities such as: seed sowing; working with soil; planting; looking at/ walking around the crops on the farm through the season; harvesting crops through the season, including fruit like apples. We could also set aside an area for the groups to grow their crops.

Costs: On application. To include cost of seeds / produce + covering time of workshop leader and any additional staff.

Exeter Community Garden

Profile:               Volunteer-run community garden

Address:            University of Exeter Campus, Stocker Road, Exeter, EX4 4PZ


Contact:             Norrie Blackeby

What they can offer: Sessions exploring their volunteer-run garden. They can work with the children to explore the site, including a medicinal ‘physick garden’, a working bee hive and honey production site, fruit trees, and vegetable beds. Facilitators can talk to the children growing their own vegetables, the importance of healthy eating and how green spaces benefit wellbeing.

Cost: Free of charge

Gro-Cycle Urban Mushroom Farm

Profile:          Social enterprise – growing mushrooms from waste coffee grounds

Address:         Old School Farm, Dartington, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6EB



Contact:         Eric        

What they can offer: By using GroCycle's innovative grow kit primary school children can see how mushrooms function as nature's recyclers, learn some basic biology and be introduced to the circular economy. Each participating classroom will be sent a GroCycle Mushroom Kit and additonal info sheets and a lesson plan minimising teacher prep time. Over a period of 2 weeks, the class will see mushrooms develop and capture learnings along the way.

Costs: TBC – in the region of £20.

Orchard Orienteering Activity

Profile:         Community activity trail

Address:         Cowick Barton Playing Fields, St Thomas


Contact:         Laura Robinson (community organiser, Active Devon)

What they can offer: As part of the playing fields redevelopment, the community have planted a new orchard. There are orienteering cards available for an information trail learning about the new fruit and nut trees.

Logistics: Self set-up and manage – contact Laura for more details.

Costs: On application


West Town Farm

Profile:         Farm and educational visit provider
Address:         Ide, Exeter EX2 9TG

Phone:        01392 811257



Contact:         Kevin Cotter

West Town Farm is three miles outside of Exeter and mainly produces beef (organically farmed and grass fed), and on a smaller scale pork and some veg. It is the base for Love Local Food’s educational work.

What they can offer: West Town offer a variety of educational activities. These include ‘exploring the farm walks’, field-to-plate learning around the campfire, and workshops on farming, wildlife and stewardship.  

Logistics: West Town Farm visits are available all week from 9am – 5pm.

Costs: Free 2 hr visits are available through funding from the Environmental Stewardship Scheme.

Broadclyst Community Farm:

Profile:         Community farm

Address:         Broadclyst Community Farm, Station Road, Broadclyst, EX5 3AR



Contact:         Jonathan Smye

The farm has about 40 members and runs a diverse range of landbased small scale enterprises based around food production including vegetable, fruit, bees, sheep, cattle, pigs, and chickens.

What they can offer: Broadclyst’s small scale enterprises provide opportunities to learn and get involved with hands on farming. Broadclyst Community Farm are experienced in offering educational visits to all kinds of groups. Jonathan would work with your school to design a visit tailored to your group.

Logistics: In planning a visit, Broadclyst likes to have a clear idea of the school’s curriculum objectives and current policy on school food.

Costs: On application – happy to work something out within budget.


Owens Coffee

Profile:         Coffee Producer
Address:         New Mills Industrial estate, Modbury, Ivybridge PL21 0TP

Phone:          0800 879 9791



Contact:         Xavia Smith

Owens is a coffee roasters based in the South Hams who hand roast 100% Organic and Fairtrade coffee beans from all over the world. As a roaster we are able to cut out food miles and handling involved in the process from Grower to Consumer.

What they can offer: We would like to offer children an experience based on finding out more about the ‘journey’ of the bean and how choices like Fairtrade and Organic are important to a sustainable world. We’d focus on exciting ways that the children can re-enact this process and understand these topics, along with buying locally made food. As coffee is difficult for primary aged students to taste we’d offer alternative sensory exercises where the children will match the tastes that we look for when developing our coffee blends (e.g. citrus, sweet, liquorice and chocolate!). Further activities which could develop either on the day or later could include creating a coffee blend for the teachers and designing their own Owens labels. We are open to any suggestions and would love the opportunity to visit your school for an accessible and engaging insight into the world of coffee roasting.

Logistics: Owens are happy to host a visit onsite (about 50 mins drive from Exeter), or to come into school to run activities.

Costs: Travel expenses + additional charges for any coffee blends produced.

Meat, eggs and dairy

Quicke’s Farm

Profile:          Dairy and cheese producer
Address:         Quicke's Traditional Ltd, Home Farm, Newton St Cyres EX5 5AY

Phone:         01392  851222



Contact:         Lucy Quicke

What they can offer: Home Farm is the home of Quicke’s Traditional Ltd, award-winning farmhouse cheesemakers. A visit will allow pupils to see for themselves how a modern farm and cheese dairy works, in an enjoyable and safe environment. The aim of the visit is to give children inspiration and information about food and farming, and the connection between them. From field to fork, pupils will see first-hand traditional cheddar making, Quicke’s impressive cheese store, milking and cows! Visits will be rounded off with a delicious cheese tasting.

Logistics: Mornings only for visits.

Costs: Visits are free for schools. 

Ashclyst Dairy

Profile:          Dairy
Address:         Near Broadclyst, East of Exeter City Centre. EX5 3DF.

Phone:         01392 460801        


Contact:         Lorraine Glover

What they can offer: Lorraine would be more than happy to host a tour – seeing the cows in the field, visiting the dairy and so on.

Logistics: Allow 2 hours. June would be a good month for a visit. Avoid Tuesdays and Thursdays as these are processing days.

Costs: On application

Preserves, honey and spices

The Tiny Marmalade Co.

Profile:         Preserves maker



Contact:         Paloma Hermoso

The Tiny Marmalade Co is a local Exeter preserving business. They produce tiny jars of jams, marmalades, honey and condiments, using local and seasonally harvested ingredients.

What they can offer: Preserving workshops, where children can prepare their own tiny jar of jam to take home. Paloma will also talk to the children about the importance of buying local, seasonal, sustainable produce, being conscious consumers and understanding why cheap isn’t always good for everyone.

Logistics: Requires access to a hob in school / workshop site.

Costs: Around 70p per child, to cover ingredients and jam jar.

Exeter Bee Keepers

Profile:          Independent beekeepers
Address:         Various Exeter allotments


Contact:         Andrew Soper (Cowick Lane Allotments)

Phone:         01392 491497


What they can offer: Come and visit a beekeeper! Andrew, a beekeeper with an apiary on the Cowick Lane allotments, can offer visits to school groups. A visit will include learning all about beekeeping, and exploring the importance of bees to our environments and food chains. Children will learn about the pollination and honey production process, and have a chance to (safely) use some of the equipment.

There are a number of additional beekeepers who have apiaries on the different city allotments, and the county beekeeping site is located near Exeter airport. We are waiting to hear from them regarding hosting visits and will update contact details as we receive them. Let us know if you are interested in a bee visit, and we'll keep you posted.

Costs: Expenses only

Chiman’s Spices

Profile:          Spice producer

Phone:         0845 812 0128



Contact:         Alan Porter

Chiman’s is a local producer of premium spices and ‘ready-to-go’ Indian meal spice blends.

What they can offer: Chiman’s can come to schools to run spice sessions. These would include: looking, smelling and tasting spices; learning about where spices come from and how you use them; sampling some vegetarian dishes made with spices; a talk on the history of Indian food in the UK (including the story of Chiman’s); and a sample of spices to take home

Logistics: Requires access to a school kitchen to reheat tasting plates.

Costs: Travel expenses + any ingredients.

Waste, composting and recycling

Devon Community Composting Network

Profile:         Educational workshop provider and provider of composting products 

Contact:         Nicky Scott, Melissa Harvey

What they can offer: DCCN can offer the following: advice on how to set up a school composting system; advice on how to organise a waste audit; compost health-checks – checking on progress on composting system, including repairing equipment and advising on the compost process; training for student and staff in use of compost station; compost assemblies and workshops to raise the profile of composing in school curriculum.

Costs: Workshops are free. Variously priced equipment (help with funding to set up or upgrade equipment available)

Resource Futures

Profile:                 Waste education programme provider



Phone:                01392 382920

Contact:                 Demelza Annison

What they can offer: Resource Futures offer a range of workshops, assemblies, resources, training and visits to support teachers and pupils to embed good waste practices into school and family life. The waste education programme involves improving schools’ waste strategies, and educating pupils about local and global environmental issues around waste and equipping them with the skills they will need as responsible consumers in the future. Resource Futures also run visits to waste processing plants in Exeter and Newton Abbot (year 4 and above).

Logistics: A day’s visit (to your school) consists of three workshops and an assembly.

Costs: Day in school: £65 + VAT (training is subsidised by Devon County Council). Waste plant visit: £3 per child

Further suggested producers

Please see below for suggestions of additional interesting food-producers who you may wish to visit. 

Please note that we have *not* heard from these producers, and there is no pre-existing arrangement with regards to the project. 

Producers are collated first by Exeter area and then by wider Devon area.

Exeter and surrounding area

Fruit and vegetables

Courtney’s of Whimple

Profile:          Apple, ciders, juice and jam-producers

Address:      Whimple, Devon.



Profile: Small family business making a range of delicious apple-based produce using unsprayed apples from their rejuvenated 100 year old cider orchard. Product range includes: apple juice, mulled apple juice, chutney, marmalade, cider apple brandy, blackberry and damson liqueurs and gluten-free apple crumble. Products are sold in a variety of independent shops in Devon.

Rod and Ben’s

Profile:        Organic veg-box producers
Address:          The Barns, Barton Lane, Shillingford Abbot, Exeter, EX2 9QQ

Phone:          01392 833016



Profile: We’ve been growing organic veg since 1987, choosing varieties for flavour and looking after our soil, wildlife and birds. Every day we pick, pack and deliver the very best from our fields straight to your door. Make the most of your free delivery with organic milk, eggs, meat and more alongside, from your friendly local veg team.

Balls Farm Growers

Profile:        Fruit growers

Address:         Underwood Cottage, Balls Farm Rd, Exeter EX2 9RA

Phone:         01392 275696

Hours:         High summer ONLY for soft fruit picking

Profile: Based on the edge of Exeter this farm grows beautiful rhubarb from March onwards and the strawberries which fill the van throughout the summer. May be able to offer a farm walk.

Boyces Of Manstree

Profile:         Fruit farm, ‘Pick-Your-Own’, and cider-makers
Address:         New Barn Farm, Exeter EX2 9QR

Phone:         01392 832218


Hours:         High summer ONLY for soft fruit picking

Profile: Boyce’s of Manstree are a family-owned business who offer ‘Pick-Your-Own fruit, and produce jams and jellies and freshly-pressed cider.

Exeter Allotments Forum

Profile:         Allotment forum

Address:        Civic Centre, Paris Street, Exeter, UK EX1 1JJ


Phone:         01392 265370

Contact:         Daniel Smith – Customer Service team manger


Profile: The Exeter Allotments Forum acts as a representative body for all of Exeter’s allotment sites. You may wish to consider contacting Daniel with regards to finding an allotment holder to visit near your school.

Devon Gardens Trust

Profile:         Charity        

Address:     Devon Gardens Trust, Northernhay Office, Exeter Community Centre, St David’s Hill, Exeter, Devon. EX4 3RG

Phone:         01404 812112



Profile: The DGT helps schools and children to understand the importance of growing plants and looking after the natural environment. This is accomplished by visiting schools, donating plants and tools, offering small grants for projects such as water gardens and raised beds, and by working closely with other groups at local, county and national level.

Meat, eggs and dairy

Windout Farm

Profile:        Poultry farmers

Address:        Windout Lane, Tedburn St Mary, Exeter, EX6 6DR

Phone:         01647 61446



Profile: Organic farm, breeding a range of livestock. They also rear poultry and produce eggs. Windout can offer free school visits through the stewardship scheme.

Pipers Farm

Profile:         Organic meat farmers
Address:        Pipers Farm, Cullompton, Devon, EX15 1SD

Phone:         01392 881380



Profile: Family-run organic meat-farm, raising and butchering a range of livestock. They focus on rearing happy, healthy animals in order to produce wholesome and healthy food. Piper’s Farm seek to work in harmony with the natural landscapre around them, and to utilise traditional, sustainable values and practices. 

Good Game

Profile:         Meat curers

Address:        Exe Estuary


Phone:        07920 527691


Profile: Artisan meat curing business. Good Game use traditional and natural curing methods to prepare their products, and source their meat, game and (where possible) spices from local Devon producers. All pork is sourced from within 5 miles!

Breads and accompaniments

Clyston Mill Flour

Profile:          Historical building, flour mill

Address:          Broadclyst, Exeter EX5 3EW

Phone:         01392 462425

Hours:        Open on Sundays


Profile: A working, multilevel Victorian flour mill in a pretty riverside setting. Open on Sundays, with associated National Trust walk.

Emma’s Bread

Profile:          Bread maker
Address:            The Real Food Store, 11-13 Paris Street, Exeter EX1 2JB

Email:  OR 

Hours:         Mon – Sat 9am – 6pm

Profile: Emma’s Bread is real bread made using traditional methods resulting in a flavour and texture to satisfy the stomach and the soul. Specialities include rye, white and seedy sourdoughs, delicious gingerbread and seasonal fare. Emma’s Bread bake from project partner The Real Food Store’s kitchen. 

Hillside Speciality Foods

Profile:          Savoury Biscuits, fruit cheese, pickles and chutneys.
Address:         Hillside Foods, Glebe Farm, Kenn, Exeter, EX6 7UL

Phone:         01392 833630


Profile: Hillside are “dedicated to creating the ultimate cheeseboard accompaniments”, including savoury biscuits, fruit cheeses, pickles and chutneys.

Wider Devon area

Farms and educational providers

Farms for City Children

Profile:         Educational farm visits provider
Address:         Exeter Community Centre, 17 St David’s Hill, Exeter

                EX4 3RG

Phone:         01392 276381


Profile: The charity offers urban children from all over the country a unique opportunity to live and work together for a week at a time on one of three working farms in the heart of the countryside – including nearby, on Dartmoor. It is an intense, ‘learning through doing’ experience of a different life – for children who may not know where their food comes from and have limited opportunities to explore the outside world.

Trill Farm & Trust

Profile:         Working farm and educational provider
Address:         Pudleylake Rd, Axminster EX13

Phone:         01297 631136


Profile: Trill Farm is a 300 acre mixed organic farm in east Devon. Through their charity wing, the Trill Trust, they provides courses and farm experiences which offer people the opportunity to interact with nature, learn sustainable living skills, and eat nutritious home-grown food. Example courses include foraging walks, open farm days, introductions to beekeeping, and breadmaking.

Paignton Zoo

Profile:         Zoo and educational provider
Address:         Totnes Rd, Paignton TQ4 7EU

Phone:         01803 697500


Hours:         ALL WEEK 10am – 4:30pm

Profile: Internationally-important zoo with a well-established education programme. Schools can choose from a wide menu of tailored sessions, bespoke learning days or there is the opportunity to lead your own teaching with support from their trails and activity packs.

Ashburton School of Husbandry

Profile:         Husbandry School
Address:         The Husbandry School, Liddy Ball, Bickington, Nr

                      Ashburton, Devon, TQ12 6NZ

Phone:         01626 821145


Profile: This husbandry school offers traditional sustainable gardening, farming and land management courses, the chance to learn practical rural skills and crafts and take part in exciting art and creative activities. They are passionate about giving people the skills to grow their own food and manage their gardens the natural way.

Fruit, vegetables and herbs

Riverford Organic Veg

Profile:         Organic veg-box producers
Address:        Riverford Organic Farm Ltd, Buckfastleigh, TQ11 0JU
Phone:         01803 227227


Profile: Riverford are the original veg-box company! They are now a large-scale business which has grown from small family roots. Riverford grow and pack up organic vegetables, which they then ship to buyers at home. They are an organic farm, and supplement their veg-boxes with meat, eggs and dairy. They also run shops and a restaurant.

Greens of Devon

Profile:          Edible herbs and flowers producer
Address:        Silverton, Devon.

Phone:         07708 605106



Profile: Greens of Devon is a family micro-business which grows edible flowers to add flavour and decoration to other foods. They are committed to eco-friendly growing practices and creating a bio-diverse environment on their site.

Dartmoor Chilli Farm

Profile:         Chilli farm 
Address:         Dartmoor Chilli Farm, Rosebarn Nursery, Auswell,

                Ashburton TQ13 7HG.

Phone:         07515 676036 / 07835 852997



Profile: Specialist chilli farmers growing over one hundred varieties of sweet pepper and chillies in an eco-friendly, green-energy powered nursery. The farm also produce a range of hand made chilli-based products, including chutneys, jams, sauces, salts & seasoning, oils and chocolate.  

Meat, eggs and dairy

The Free Range Farmer

Profile:         Free range pig farmer 
Address:         4 Oak Bridge, Sidbury, Sidmouth EX10 0SE

Phone:         01395 597614



Contact:        Simon Price 

Profile: The Free Range Farmer has been farming pigs for over 30 years, taking pride in producing high quality pork whilst adhering to high ethical standards of free range farm and quality care for the animals. Simon may be able to offer a farm walk.

Laydilay Organic Eggs

Profile:         Eggs (organic), mayonnaise, meringues, macaroons
Address:         26 Beverley Gardens, Ashburton, Devon,TQ13 7BL

Phone:         07980 746622 (Andy Johnson: Sales/Hens)



Profile: Small family run business producing eggs and a few spin off products. All products are organic, and Laydilay pursue sustainable, holistic and caring farming methods, which put the hen first.

Sharpham Cheeses

Profile:        Dairy and cheesemakers 
Address:          Sharpham estate, Totnes TQ9 7UT

Phone:        01803 732178



Profile: Sharpham is home to a working dairy, which produces a range of unpasteurised cheeses from milk from their herd of Jersey cattle. They employ traditional techniques and all cheeses will remain fully hand-produced and free of GM ingredients. Visitors are able to view the process through windows as part of a visit.

Ticklemore Cheese Dairy

Profile:         Dairy and cheesemakers 
Address:         Ticklemore Cheese, Sharpham Barton Lane, Totnes, TQ9 7DX

Phone:         01803 732737



Profile: A small cheese dairy in the South Hams, Devon, making three hand-crafted blue cheeses. 


Luscombe Drinks

Profile:         Artisan drinks 
Address:         Dean Court, Lower Dean, Buckfastleigh, TQ11 0LT

Phone:         01364 64 30 36 



Profile: Organic drink producers who use high-quality ingredients (mostly locally grown or sourced) to produce delicious drinks.

Tea’s Me

Profile:        Tea supplier 
Address:         Tea's Me, Higher Ashton, Devon, EX6 7QS

Phone:         01647 252520



Profile: Our loose leaf teas and herbal infusions are made from the finest quality organic teas and herbs and are blended by hand in sunny Devon. Tea’s Me supply both the catering and retail markets and have a wide range of customers.

Preserves, honey and spices

Dartmoor Honey / Buckfast Bees

Profile:         Beekeepers and honey-makers
Address:         Buckfast Abbey, Buckfastleigh, Devon.



Profile: A body comprised of individuals passionate about all things bees – this includes caring for and harvesting honey but also appreciating the wider link between bees and the surrounding countryside and national park, including planting bee-friendly plants.

Breads and snacks

Village Bakery

Profile:        Bakery
Address:         Wash Barn, Buckfast, Devon, TQ11 0LD

Phone:         01768 898437



Profile: A pioneering organic bakery brand who maintain a unique reputation for quality and product innovation. The Village Bakery use natural processes, artisan methods, renewable energy and interesting ingredients to make their award winning organic and special dietary ranges.

Burts Crisps

Profile:         Artisan crisp producer
Address:         Burts Potato Chips Ltd, The Klamp House, Belliver Way,

                Roborough, Devon, PL6 7BP

Phone:         0800 023 7404


Profile: Burts produce high-quality crisps from locally sourced ingredients. All crisps are produced by ‘master fryers’. 

Charity Registration No: 1102233, Company no: 4824296

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