Celebrate Exeter’s Diver-City!

DDE has been awarded 2 grants, in 2017 and 2019, to celebrate with different communities in Exeter. The project brings people together, to eat and laugh, talk and dance, remembering the rich value of communal activities, sidelined by busy modern life.  

In 2017, we worked closely with communities and DDE’s Cultural Champions, to celebrate religious and cultural festivals: Polish Easter, Italian May Festival, Muslim Eid at the Mosque and Hindu Navratri (the dance festival).

In 2019, we are celebrating International Mother Language Day with the Bangladeshi community; Spanish Fiesta ; and Korean Chuseok Harvest Moon Festival.

Each celebration has 2 parts: a community workshop to learn about the cultures, crafts, languages, dance and food; and a festival including a feast of the food from that culture and community. We also run learning sessions in local schools.

The celebrations also provide opportunities for other groups to take part, for example Exeter University’s Italian and Polish student societies; the 307 Squadron Project, being led by local Polish heritage revivalists; the Hindu temple community; the Korean church congregation based at the Mint Methodist Church; the Mosque; students from the University’s Department of Islamic Studies and Exeter College; and members of Exeter’s community.

The project provides a chance to meet new people; to learn about and share in other cultures. We explore heritage and traditions, ask questions and share our stories with one another. We learn new crafts and skills and how to cook delicious dishes.

Celebrate Exeter Diver-City is about coming together, as people seek to pull us apart, honouring people’s different identities and reaffirming Exeter’s identity as a city of welcome and inclusivity.