Food Glorious Food is a 6 month food-based community project funded by Awards for All (the Big Lottery Fund). The project is delivered by Devon Development Education and will run from January to July 2017. The project will create food groups, through which communities will share time, food, skills and activities, learning and growing together.

Food Glorious Food will engage 4 local communities within Exeter. It will encourage relationships between community groups and members and their local primary schools.

This year, we are working with:         

• Newtown Primary School

• Countess Wear Community School

• Wynstream Primary School

Our community connections include:

• Newtown Community Association

• Newtown Social Cafe

• Newtown Community Preschool

• Countess Wear 100 Club

• ECI Community Builders

• Wonford in Bloom

Our local food delivery partners include:


Here at Devon Development Education, we believe Food Glorious Food has lots to bring to local communities. Our food groups promote community involvement, intergenerational and intercultural relationships, outdoor learning and lots of fun.

Food Glorious Food aims to:

  • Increase social connection within urban communities, supporting communities and schools to unite.
  • Celebrate diversity by offering opportunities for members of different cultural communities to come together and to learn about one another.
  • Offer people the chance to learn about the social and environmental impact of their food choices.
  • Improve physical and emotional health and wellbeing through encouraging outdoor activity, conducting food-based workshops and promoting healthy living.


Food: Food groups will grow vegetables, visit a farm and participate in hands-on workshops with local food producers.

Culture: There will be a series of cultural experience sessions, including: a Fairtrade workshop, a cooking and growing workshop with a Ugandan small-scale farmer, and a cultural food event welcoming members of different local communities.

Outdoors: Groups will be encouraged to get outdoors and develop community growing areas together. They will participate in a friendly gardening competition and share home-grown produce.

We need you!

Devon Development Education is looking for local groups, green-fingered growers, allotment holders and food fanatics to join us in our mission to support and strengthen Exeter’s communities.

Food groups are opportunities for local communities to come together to share and gain skills, develop local areas and learn about the impacts of their food choices on both a local and a global scale. Through opportunities for education, the development of green spaces and interactions with local people, our food groups are hubs through which people can collectively improve their communities for everyone.

If you’d like to get involved or find out more, please contact:

Nicole Redfern, Project Coordinator


Tel: (01392) 438811

Welcome! Exeter's Global Centre, the home of Devon Development Education.

01392 438811

Welcome! Exeter's Global Centre, the home of Devon Development Education.

01392 438811