Thursday 10 Dec 2020, 18:00

GmT 10 12 20

Gown meets Town 6pm

In this talk, Jo Hynes, a PhD candidate at the University of Exeter, will explore the current state of immigration detention in the UK.

Immigration detention is a form of administrative detention for migrants and asylum seekers which invokes neither a time limit nor judicial oversight. Drawing on her research, Jo will explore some of the challenges people face in detention, in particular, their interactions with the justice system.

There is cause for tentative hope, however, as the number of detainees in the UK appears to be declining. The impact of the pandemic in particular significantly reduced the number of people in detention from 1,637 at the end of December 2019 to 313 in May 2020. Jo asks will immigration detention ever get back up to its pre-pandemic levels and what challenges lie ahead.

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