Thursday 12 May 2022, 18:00

Focus on Health for web

Thursday 12th May 6pm to 7:30pm

This is the first in our series of sessions on Creative Ways to fight the Climate Crisis which will Focus on Health

We will have four speakers …

What are the links between climate and health? What has made the climate emergency into a health emergency?

Dr David Pencheon, University of Exeter Medical School, Founding Director of Health and Sustainable Development Unit.

Oliver Mawson, RD&E Hospital NHS Sustainability Engagement Officer.

Children’s biggest worry, according to a survey, is the need to protect our environment and climate. Is the perspective of children and young people seriously considered’?

Michila Critchley, Director of InterClimate Network.

Harriet Redington, DDE Climate Justice Intern

Come and join us online, to find out more, hear positive stories and feel part of a community inspired to take action.

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