Here are some of the Devon slave-owning families that we have been researching:

Davy and Glanville - The Davy and Glanville slave-owning families from Devon were closely connected in the early nineteenth century. These three papers by Gillian Allen on the LBS website use the links between the families to explain different aspects of the Jamaican slave plantation system.

Three enslaved girls: Joan, Jane and Caroline tells the story of three enslaved girls who were living on a Jamaican cattle farm in the early nineteenth century.

Two Devon families in Jamaica: a local association with slaverytells the stories of the two families' involvement in Jamaica through aspects of Gillian's visit to Jamaica in 2007.

Slavery and two Ottery St Mary families looks at different attitudes to slavery held within families as evidenced by the signing of the 1814 Ottery Petition.

Lousada – see the draft of the article ‘The Lousadas of Sidmouth’ in The Devon Historian, Vol. 90, 2020, pp. 27-36 

Modyford  - ‘Barbados/Devon connections  More information on Modyford can be found in Joanna Traynor’s paper from the 2015 workshop.

Vassall  - ‘Vassall Devon/Jamaica connections’ 

Walrond – ‘Walronds in Barbados