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We are compiling sets of resources for use in class, or activities to be done at home ...

Set Eighteen ... focusing on World Fair Trade Day, Eid-ul-Fitr and International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia

Set Seventeen ... focusing on teamwork, the Sikh festival of Vaisakhi and Earth Day

Set Sixteen ... focusing on gratitude, World Water Day and filmmaking

Set Fifteen ... these resources focus on science of materials and International Women's Day

Set Fourteen ... these resources focus on content for PSHE/SEAL

Set Thirteen ...these resources focus on training materials and farming in Nepal

Set Twelve ... these resoucres focus on the theme of hope and literacy resources

Set Eleven ... these resources focus on World Solidarity Day, rewilding urban land, World Braille Day

Set Ten ... these resources focus on International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, World Soil Day, Human Rights Day

Set Nine ...  these resources are from International Education Week, WWF and Connecting Classrooms

Set Eight ... these resources look at events mentioned in the Global Dimension wall planner

Set Seven ... these are also resources for Black History Month

Set Six ... the resources focus on diversity and Black History Month

Set Five ...the first two resources look at habits and the environment; the third looks at the power of words and suggestion

Set Four ... there are three separate resources, chosen particularly for the return to school; also the offer of a free Global Learning Wall Planner

Set Three ... there are three separate resources, the first focusing on mental health and wellbeing, particularly how Covid-19 may have affected this; the others relate to British history and student’s own personal history.

Set Two ... the purpose of these resources is to promote equality, celebrate diversity and tackle discrimination.

Set One ... introduces young audiences to hairstyles and culture, looks at a portrait of an African and offers a personal history challenge