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Namaste!  My name is Avtar - I was born in India and raised in London.  My love of Indian music and dance began as I grew up listening to Bhangra music legends and watching iconic Bollywood films in the Hindi language (from colourful happy sing-a-longs to tragic melodramas).  

Moving to the south west of England I began running Indian dance and education sessions to keep me in touch with my roots and India’s rich cultural heritage.  

I have had a varied career, training firstly as an accountant and latterly working in the NHS, social care and as a teaching assistant.  I have a Montessori teaching qualification. 

As a cultural champion I can offer sessions about different aspects of Indian life – music, dance, festivals, food, language, religion and costume.  These can be tailored to meet the needs of individual schools and promote understanding of diversity and cohesion. 

I bring to my workshops a dressing up box and artefacts, including Indian drums (the dhol) to ensure sessions are interactive, sensory, educational and fun.

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