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This is a challenge set for this boy by his school.

First he had to draw as many different 2 dimensional mathematical shapes as he could - at least 12 it seems. Cut them out of card and paint or colour them.Then create a sculpture from them, by making small incisions and slotting them together.

Thousands of young people around the world are working on the new Voices Around The World remote learning music/video project. Time to join in and make a difference. Watch the video at

Full details can be found at

Paddington PostcardsOur Unicef postcard was from Indonesia today. It told us about Sophia who lost her home and school in a tsunami, her new school is a big tent supplied by Unicef.  After we read the postcard the children found out how to make a volcano. 

All you need is a plastic bottle or cup and pour into it:

1) a small squirt of washing up liquid (about 2 tablespoons)

2) 1 tablespoon of red or orange food colouring 

3) 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda

Finally pour in some vinegar and watch your volcano erupt!

The children then decided that they wanted to try to make a volcano in water to see if they could make their own mini tsunami.  I am so pleased we did this outside, it can get a bit messy and smelly!

For details on how to receive Paddington Postcards see UNICEF

Artefact Box 3 min

Last week these children explored China and Uganda from their own home and were able to ask and answer their own questions by touching, feeling, smelling and wearing the artefacts.  Here are some of their comments:

'The children in Uganda are so creative'

'What do people cook on the stove?'

'What's the bird on the flag?'

'If there is Chinese writing are there also Chinese numbers?'

'I can tell Granny and Grandad which Chinese animal is their zodiac sign'

Why not borrow a country artefact box full of fascinating everyday items to stimulate debate amongst your family? DDE can provide an artefact box for over 20 countries worldwide, from Mali to China.

Please contact us ( if you are interested in borrowing a box and DDE would appreciate any donations you can afford.

The Practical Action website offers an activity on building a floating garden which the children at Marpool Primary in Exmouth enjoyed doing last week and they are checking on the seeds every day they are in school. Marpool 29 04 20