This project celebrates Windrush people in Devon

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We hope you enjoyed our Windrush Day Celebration ... here are a few photographs of the cook-along

BBC Spotlight interviewed Lucy and Sandhya on 10th June at the time of the Black Lives Matter protests ... watch the video

Plymouth chef Euten was caught in the Windrush scandal and threatened with deportation, despite having lived in the UK for 40 years … watch the video

The Windrush Exhibition: Kuumba Productions celebrates and honours individuals, groups, and organisations from the African Caribbean’s past, present and future generations.

The Wind at the Docks: A Virtual Windrush Exhibition. Artist Michael Elliott narrates and showcases a journey through paintings examining the effects of the Windrush Movement of 1948.

Messages of support ...

"I'm sorry not to be able to join you today for what looks like an excellent afternoon of events. I am very grateful for the contribution the Windrush generation has made to Devon and to the UK as a whole and I hope you enjoy a wonderful celebration."

Best wishes, Ben Bradshaw MP for Exeter.

Message from John Mathews, Chair of Devon County Council

Videos used during the intervals of the Windrush Day Celebration:

Who are the Windrush Generation?

Barbers shop is at the heart of the British Community

The Bristol Bus Boycott - 1963

Where does the story of the Windrush Generation in Britain begin?

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Euten's recipes for the Caribbean Cook-along

Sweet Potato and Callaloo Galette

Rice and Gungo peas

Piquant Tomato Sauce

Windrush Foundation: Pioneers and Champions (10MB pdf) Previous commemorations have highlighted the contribution that Caribbean men and women have made and continue to make to Britain’s well-being and prosperity. Yet, the contribution their ancestors have made goes back to the 1500s.

Windrush Foundation: KS2 Lesson Plans (11MB pdf) for Studying the Empire Windrush and Caribbean migration.

Windrush Review: will lessons actually be learned?  Lina Idrees reflects on recent events

WINDRUSH is used to describe the post-war immigration of West Indian people to the UK between 1948 and 1971 from Caribbean countries such as Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Barbados.

Many of the people who came over to England from the Caribbean during this period came at the invitation of the British Government, as British citizens from British-owned colonies, to help rebuild war-damaged Britain after WWII. They paid their own fares.

Members of the project have shared their stories

Each has provided information on their heritage and connection to Windrush ... follow the links to find out more

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Anne's Story

Barbara's Story

Dave's Story

Des's Story

Euten's Story

Faye's Story

Krish's Story

Merris's Story

Rose's Story


Black Caribbean immigrants experienced racism on many different levels and there were no laws to protect them.

27 August 2020 Windrush payout scheme not fit for purpose, say lawyers. Letter to home secretary says many applications appear to be lost in ‘bureaucratic limbo’ 

27 August 2020 Nine in 10 Windrush applicants still waiting for compensation payouts. New data shows just 143 out of 1,480 applicants to scheme have had their claims settled.

18 August 2020 Life after deportation: 'No one tells you how lonely you're going to be'.